ZDF Series Single Fiber Separator

# TYPE: Screening Equipment TIME: 2017-06-14



1. Three fundamental functions: secondary defibering, separating light impurities, removing heavy and coarse impurities.

2. With the defibrator in pulping process, it's possible to use the poor waste paper and reduce the pretreatment of the raw material.

3. As a reject screen, fiber separator can also handle with coarse impurities.


Defibrator is a modern equipment to break, separate and screen fiber  in paper pulping process. With fiber separator, the production capacity of hydrapulper will be improved. The fiber separator machine can also reduce the pretreatment of raw materials, save 10-20% unit energy consumption, obtain high quality slurry, low fiber loss.

Main Specification:

Diameter of Blade(mm)Φ560Φ720Φ980Φ1100
Production Capacity30-5060-80100-180165-265
Pressure of Input Pulp(mpa)                                                        0.2-0.3
Concentration of Input Pulp(%)                                                         2.5-4.0
Power of Motor(kw)375590110

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