LXL-Z Series Two-phase Flow Pulp Pump

# TYPE: Conveyor & Agitator TIME: 2017-06-06


Application  & Features

This flow pulp pump equipment is mainly suitable for transporting liquids or solids materials ,such  as in the papermaking industry ,coal industry ,mine,electrical industry ,food industry,Urban sewage and other departments. 

1. High efficiency, energy saving.

The average operating efficiency than ordinary paper pulp pump 3-10 percentage points,Energy saving, saving up to 15-30%.

2. Good cavitation performance, long service life.

Service life can increase 2-3 times than ordinary paper pulp pump.

3. High concentration, without plugging.

4. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance. Former head part is, the door structure, pipeline maintenance without disassembly, just move the motor backwards, you can disassemble and repair the pump.

5. Wetted parts are made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel for the user to choose.

6. Pump can be within the scope of 5 ~ 40℃ environment temperature and the inlet pressure under the condition of less than 1330 pa, allows continuous work for a long time.

Product Attributes



Warranty: at least on year

After-sales Service Provide: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Color: blue and green

Material: steel

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