refiner equipment

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  • Conical Refiner For Pulping Line

    Conical Refiner is mainly used in the paper making industry for the continuous pulping of bleaching pulp or the even beating of waste paper pulp, it can beating both with double disc grinding series and conical pulping machine series, it can also be used alone, is currently popular beating equipment Learn More

  • Conical Refiner primarily apply for continuous pulping wood pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp in paper pulp making line. Improving the beating degree, which can be used with double disc refiner in series. Its shell adopts stainless steel, which can prolong the service life so that can reduce the c Learn More

  • DD Series Double Disc Refiner

    DD Series Double Disc Refiner is a refining equipment. The double disc grinding machine is suitable for continuous beating of chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp, waste pulp, suitable for slurry concentration of 2-5%. Application and Feature1. The double disc refining equipment i Learn More

  • ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner

    Application & FeaturesThis double disc refiner can be equipped with various tooth refiner plate. Suitable various raw materials like wood pulp, chemimechanical pulp, chemical pulp and waste paper pulp.Double Disc Grinding Machine is an ideal continuous beating equipment, which has advantages: co Learn More

  • ZM Series Conical Refiner

    Application & Features1. The conical refining equipment adopts the worm gear and worm electrical cutting, easy to operate.2. With features of long refining area, fully process finer, strong ability to cut fiber.3. Shell’s lined is stainless steel for improving ser Learn More

  • ZDJ Series Claflin Refiner

    Application & FeaturesZDJ series conical refiner is mainly used in purified pulp continuous beating and waste paper pulp beating in paper making industry. It can be used with  double disc refiners, advantages of which are as follows:1. New design, resonable structure, high yield a Learn More