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Leizhan supplies paper machine spare parts, such as reeling machine, sizing machine, calender, dryer cylinder, press roll, cylinder mold, doctor holder, stretcher, felt leading roll, gear, foundation plate, felt, boiler, vacuum pump, and doctor blade.


  • Paper Making Rewinder Machine [ 2017-10-18 ]

    When the paper scroll fall from the paper machine, coating machine or super press reeling machine, there are still many defets. Such as:  internal damage, breakage, uneven edges on both sides, the larger diameter (large paper machine is usually greater than 2500mm diameter). The width of the pa Learn More

  • Calender Paper Machine [ 2017-08-03 ]

    Function of Calender MachineCalender is paper or paperboard grooming equipment, its role is to improve paper smoothness, gloss and thickness, uniformity and paper smoothness, and provide good conditions for the subsequent processing operation.Working Principle of Calender Paper Making MachineCalende Learn More

  • Slot Screen Basket [ 2017-07-26 ]

    Applications Of Slot Screen BasketStainless steel wire mesh paper machine screen basket , pulp machine spare parts is perforation/hole or slot/wedge wire structure designed to achieve high efficiency screening of recycled, mechanical, and paper pulp fiber. The patent-pending design features a robust Learn More

  • Paper Machine Doctor Blade [ 2017-07-26 ]

    Leizhan is a professional manufacturer in producing doctor blade with ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification. For the paper machine department, doctor blades for paper mill showing particularly high wear resistence, low friction coefficient and excellent scrape effect. In all parts of whole machine it Learn More

  • Vacuum Pump For Paper Making [ 2017-07-25 ]

    Working Condition of Paper Recycling Machine Vacuum PumpOur high vacuum pump/small vacuum pump/mini electric vacuum pump for sale is guaranteed start normally in winter's low temperature. The pump is applicable to vacuum packaging, vacuum free. Leizhan industrial Pump can be within the scope of Learn More

  • Felt For Paper Mill [ 2017-07-25 ]

    In the modern paper machine,  the papermaking process can not be realized without  paper felt.  The press felt for paper making should be of good dehydration, smoothness, stain resistance, wear resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to injury, antibacterial, heat resistanc Learn More

  • Breast Roller For Paper Mill [ 2017-07-21 ]

    Function of Breast RollerThe breast roller is the first roll  in the paper machine, and is the beginning part of the wire table. One of its functions is to support the forming net. The shaping net changes direction on the breast roller, and the non working face of the forming net changes into t Learn More

  • Paper Making Machine Dryer Cylinder [ 2017-07-20 ]

    The high quality paper mill dryer cylinder is the main equipment of paper machine drying. The paper making Dryer Cylinder is heated by steam from boiler, its heat can dry the paper sheets efficiently.Structure FeaturesThe heads and journals of the paper machine spare part Dryer Cylinder are made of Learn More

  • Cylinder Mold Paper Machine [ 2017-07-11 ]

    Cylinder Mould is used in the forming section of paper making machines and thickener. The stainless steel cylinder mould for paper mill is in high speed, high strength, low power consumption, long life time for wire. Main Character of Paper Making Machine Cylinder MoldDifferent usage Learn More

  • Paper Press Roll [ 2017-07-10 ]

    Paper machine press rolls are responsible for the drying process ( Dryer Cylinder) of paper production. Working Principle of  Paper Press RollPaper press rolls require a great amount of pressure to be equally distributed to wet paper product, and prepare it for final production s Learn More

  • Leizhan Reeling Machine [ 2017-07-03 ]

    Function of Reeling MachineWith the development of equipment to large scale, the width of the larger paper machine can now reach 10 meters or more. Therefore, the paper must be cut and rolled into small volumes  before selling. During the operation of the Reeling Machine, as the volume of Learn More

  • Headbox For Paper Making [ 2017-07-03 ]

    In paper making, the function of the headbox is to send the required pulp to the molding net, and provides the necessary prerequisite for the good forming of the sheet.Function and performance of Headbox As a combination of paper machine "approach" and "process", the basic f Learn More