Drum Pulper To Egypt Paper Mill

# TYPE: Corrugated Paper Making TIME: 2017-09-21


Egyptian customers on the new project output of 150 T/D corrugated paper, white board paper, kraft paper. The paper pulping machine delivered on 15th,9, 2017  are 304 stainless steel ZG Series Drum Pulper for paper pulping.

Advantages of Drum Pulper

  1. Compared to waste paper D-type Hydrapulper, the Drum Screen Pulper has  lower energy consumption when the output is same.  

  2. The drum pulper in waste paper recycling is usually used in wrapping paper production line, large output cultural paper and toilet paper making line.

  3. According to customers’s requests, the materials of the energy-saving drum pulper can be carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

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