ZDSD Series D-Type Hydrapulper

# TYPE: Pulper Equipment TIME: 2017-06-14


Structure& Features

1. The design of the D type pulping machine can make the slurry achieve the best immersion effect by changing the position of the vortex center, thus making the rotor and the slurry contact more quickly and frequently. The structure of the D type pulper breaks the traditional flow form, which makes the slurry reaches the vortex center and contacts with the rotor. In this way, the same power consumption and space, reduce the time and improve the pulp yield.

2. The blade design between the cutterhead and the sieve plate avoids the twining of the iron wire, weaving and other wastage,reducing the running current. And the cutter can be designed according to the drawings provided by the customers.

3. A full set of European standard pulley, can shorten the maintenance time, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

4. High breaking efficiency VOKES rotor can save energy.

5. The hydrapulper pulping system can avoid pulping the impurities, reduce the burden of the following equipment, such as hydrapurger, drum screen, ragger, ragger, rope cutter and grapple.

Main Specification

Concentration(%)                                                                            3-5
Motor Power(Kw)75110160185220

Concentration(%)                                                                           3-5
Motor Power(Kw)280315355400450

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