ZDSG High Consistency Hydrapulper

# TYPE: Pulper Equipment TIME: 2017-06-29


ZDSG High Consistency Hydrapulper is mainly used to separate waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.

Work Principle

H.C. Hydrapulper pulps waste paper at high temperature and high concentration, and basically does not reduce the slurry property. The rotation of the rotor drives the slurry to form a strong circulation vortex, which causes strong friction between waste papers, thus dissociating into fiber. Ink particles, oil separate from fiber surface under the friction between fibers and effect of chemicals. High consistency hydrapulper for paper industries  ensures the smooth operation of flotation deinking and screening and purification, so as to produce a high concentration of slurry, with the advantages of large capacity, low power consumption, easy to use and maintenance, etc..

Main Specification

Normal Volume(m3)5101520253035
Production Capacity(t/d)20-2540-5060-7080-100130-185160-225185-260
Motor Power(kw)110220315400450500560

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