ZDSZ Series Mid Consistency Hydrapulper

# TYPE: Pulper Equipment TIME: 2017-06-11


ZDSZ Series Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, M.C. Pulper is mainly applied  to pulp wood pulp and other clean raw materials. This pulper is used to separate waste paper and ink under high consistency in the process of waste paper deinking.

Application & Features

1. Special spiral rotor effectively promote the circulation and rollover of pulp, reinforce friction between fibers. Finally achieve gentle pulp under high consistency, impurities will not be broke in the process of fiber relief and deinking,

2.Dealing with 12%-18% high consistency pulp, effective chemical mixture and friction between fibers under high consistency make the ink particle separate from the surface of fiber fully.

3. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Main Speciafication

Normal Volume(m3)














Production Capacity(t/d)










Motor Power(kw)










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