ZNP Series Disc Thickener

# TYPE: Thickener Equipment TIME: 2017-06-16


ZNP Series Disc Thickener is used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry.

Application & Features:

Disc Thickener is maninly used for low consistency stock thickening. The water log installation height is not needed. The paper pulp washer and thickener machine can replace traditional gravity cylinder thickener. In the same floor space, the throughout of the gravity disc thickener is serval times more than that of the gravity cylinder thickener, so a lot of space and power can be saved.

Performance and Working Principle:

The pulp at consistency of 0.8-1.2% enters the vat and attached the disc sector, filtrate is guided by hollow shaft and discharged out at two end. Stock attached on sector is knocked off by high-pressure shower. The thickened stock at consistency of 3-4% flow over the plate of adjusting valve and into discharge chamber where it is out feed. The rotation speed of main shaft can be adjusted for required outlet consistency and capacity.

Main specification:

Diameter of Filtering plate   (mm)

Amount of 

disc (n)

Nominal area (m2)6075901051201501801020
Concentration of Input Pulp(%)                                                                    0.8-1.2
Concentration of Output Pulp(%)                                                                     3.5-4.5
Product capacity ONP(t/d)                                                                0.9-1.2t/(m2.d)
Product capacity(Kw)                      11             15   18.5              22

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