Wear Of Dewatering Wire Of Paper Machine

# TYPE: Coating Board Paper Making TIME: 2017-07-18


Reasons For The Wear Of Dewatering Wire 

1) Roll Wear Theory:

Because the roller is one of the main transmission rolls in the net, the tension changes greatly when the net is in and out of the couch, especially when the net is vacuum pumped by the vacuum roller, and the wear will be aggravated. In addition, for the plastic net, if the couch is a copper roller, the roller will be corroded to varying degrees, and the net life will also be affected.

2) Vacuum Suction Tank Wear Theory:

It is considered as a result of the friction between the net weave section and the water tank panel, especially when the packing particles are accumulated on the box board.

3) Chemical Etching Theory:

It is considered that the smaller the pH value, the more acidic and the higher the temperature, the more serious the corrosion.

According to the analysis below pH4.5, when the temperature is 18~20 degrees centigrade, the corrosion of white water is very violent. According to analysis, the alum solution pH4, in the range of 20~45 DEG C, each increase of 10 degrees, about 2 times the corrosion rate.

4) Wear Theory Of Dewatering Elements And Rollers:

When the surface of the dewatering element is uneven or has sharp burrs, it will aggravate the wear of the net. In addition, if the roller has burrs, blisters or uneven, it will damage the net. Furthermore, if the paper machine is used with the net contact scrape rough and uneven, also easy to damage the net. When the roller scraper is not strict, the roller sticking is one of the reasons for the wear of the net.

5) Net Wear Due To Improper Control Of Net Tension.

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Wear Of Dewatering Wire Of Paper Machine
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