Paper Calendering

# TYPE: Kraft Liner Paper Making Line TIME: 2017-10-30


Paper Calendering, the paper making machine calender process the paper or paper board with a certain moisture content, so as to improve the smoothness and glossiness, and controlling the thickness of paper or paperboard to a certain extent.

Influence of the Calendering

  • Calendering Effect on Thickness and Air Permeability

    The thickness decreases and the air permeability decreases

  • The influence on smoothness

    Smoothness improvement

  • Influence on Glossiness

    Increasing the line pressure, increasing the content of filler, increasing the moisture content in the paper, improving the calender roll surface temperature, which are helpful to improve the glossiness of paper. But because of the increase of transparency, the whiteness of the reflection method decreased.

  • Effect on strength

    A. Tensile strength: heating the roller can reduce the strength of the paper; reduce residual pressure, can further improve the strength of the paper.

    B. Tearing degree: decreased after calendering.

    C. elongation: after calendering, the longitudinal elongation decreases slightly.

    D. Breaking resistance: the breaking resistance decreases after calendering.

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