Paper Machine Forming Wire Section

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How To Prolong The Service Life Of  Forming Wire?

1. Make sure that there is no fiber accumulation to form the pulp and fall into the inner side of the forming wire; 

2. Keep the doctor blade in good condition. 

Prevent the slurry from accumulating on the guide roller and breast roll.

3. Eliminate abrasive fillers, such as calcium sulfate; 

4. Maintain the temperature and PH of spray water consistent with the slurry; 

Make sure that both sides of the spray clean pipe are not blocked; 

5. Exclude slurry coarse sand (centrifugal slag remover); 

Check forming board, vacuum suction tank surface and the board whether there are scratches and burrs;  

6. Use low friction coefficient vacuum suction tank upper surface; 

Check whether the upper surface of vacuum suction tank is flat; 

7. Reduce the number of vacuum suction tank, increase the opening; 

Reduce the vacuum degree and prevent the forming wire from sticking or blocking in the vacuum suction tank.

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