Paper Making Water

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What is Paper Making Water?

The white water flowing usually refers to the white water produced in the wet end of the paper machine, including white water and spray water produced by the forming dehydration of the wire. This part of the water is the main body of white water in the papermaking workshop.

In the papermaking process, more than 95% of the water in the pulp is removed by the mesh. With the formation of paper, the pulp gradually forms a complete filter layer on the wire, the filtration amount of fine fiber, fillers and additives gradually decreases, and the concentration of white water decreases in turn.

Type of Paper Making White Water

According to the concentration level, white water of the wire part can be divided into thick white water and dilute water. The white water which is filtered out from the front part of the wire (dewatering plate) is called concentrated white water, and the concentration is up to 0.3%. The white water produced by high pressure difference dewatering zone (vacuum suction tank and couch roller) is called dilute white water, and the white water concentration in this section is 0.06~0.08%.

Mechanical presses produce less white water, including press felt, wet water, and high pressure water for washing. They usually contain hair from the press blanket.

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