Paper Pulp Vibrating Screen

# TYPE: Kraft Liner Paper Making Line TIME: 2017-11-07


ZSK Series Vibrating Screen is developed by referring to foreign equipment. The machine has the advantages of reasonable design, strong sieving ability, self-cleaning function and high working efficiency. This vibrating screen machine is energy saving, less noise, convenient maintenance, and is the more advanced screening equipment in china. The impurity deslagging machine is mainly used to treat tailing pulp, with large screening area, low power consumption and sieve residue thoroughly.

Main Features of Vibrating Screen

  1. The paper pulp screening equipment is equipped with feeding diluted steady slurry box, which makes the inlet pulp concentration flow keep stable.

  2. There is gas seal box under the sieve plate, which has the function of automatic cleaning.

  3. The eccentric rotor is built in the vibration device, safe and durable.

  4. Screen area of the waste paper pulp vibrating screen equipped with water spray device, which is beneficial to fiber recycling.

  5. The paper recycling screening machine is of low power consumption, simple operation, and easy to mainten.

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