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2017 Vietnam International Pulp And Paper Exhibition
The Sixth Vietnam International Pulp and Paper Industry Exhibition 2017 is held on 2017.6.13—15 Vietnam. This exhibition is Vietnam's only paper industry fair, the exhibition... Learn More

2017 India Paperex
The picture above is Leizhan in India Paperex 2016Leizhan  will attend the India Paperex 2017, which is the largest Exhibition and Conference in Asia for pulp and paper techno... Learn More

2017 Paper Making Exchange Conference
Leizhan, as the Co-organizers of the 2017 Four New Technology Exchange (organizers: Paper Industry Association of Henan Province). Leizhan discussed the technical issues of wrappin... Learn More

500,000 Tons Packaging Paper Making Project
Zhengzhou Leizhan paper machinery general manager Jiantao Liu(left)cooperate with Kunming Ronghe Paper Mill president Kairong Liu (right) again on December 4, 2017.Pulping Equipmen... Learn More