D Type Hydrapulper Operation

# TYPE: Tissue Paper Making Line TIME: 2017-09-29


A low-pressure flow zone is formed around the rotor to collect heavy impurities. When heavy impurities are deposited at the bottom, they are carried to a sediment well or a heavy slag collection tank due to the rotation of the slurry. In this way, the contact between the rotor and the impurity can be reduced, the service life of the rotor can be prolonged, and the winding rope can be prevented from winding on the rotor to protect the rope and the rotor from being damaged.

The heavy slag in the sediment well shall be cleaned regularly to prevent pipe blockage. The pulping time depends on factors such as pulp type, concentration, slag discharge, and water temperature. The content of kraft paper and kraft corrugated paper in waste paper slurry is different, and the time of pulping is different. The higher the content of these substances, the longer the fragmentation time, and if hot water is used, the time pulping greatly shortened. In general, 60 degrees centigrade hot water is recommended when pulp waste paper with high content of AOCC.

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