Forming Process Of Cylinder Mould Paper

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Forming Process Of Cylinder Mould Machine Paper

The forming process of cylinder mould paper is essentially a filtration process. In the cylinder mould machine, white water in the cylinder mold is continuously discharged, Form a certain pressure difference with the the slurry level outside of the cylinder mold. The resulting filtration causes the fiber to adhere to the mesh surface and continuously forms paper with the rotation of the cylinder mold. With the thickening of the fiber layer on the cylinder mould, the filter resistance increases rapidly, the filtration rate slows down gradually, and the fiber is deposited on the net surface less and less. Filter differential pressure (i.e. water level difference inside and outside cylinder mold) when making thin paper, the effect is obvious. While making a thicker paper or paperboard, increasing the water level difference of filtration velocity has little effect, usually only with a plurality of cylinder mold, That is, increase the filter area to achieve the required fiber thickness.

Working Principle Of Cylinder Mould Machine Paper

The forming process of the sheet in the cylinder mould machine is very complicated. There are a lot of force in the forming process, such as gravity, centrifugal force, the water level difference caused by the pressure, the surface tension of the water, wet paper and copper mesh between the adhesion and friction between the slurry, and white water and slurry flow impact force. There are many factors affecting the forming of sheet, among which are the pulp beating degree, concentration, the form of the groove, the pressure of sizing (the water level of white water), the formation of arc length and the speed of copying. 

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