PLC Cabin Control System

# TYPE: Tissue Paper Making Line TIME: 2017-09-28


This cabin control system is designed with the process time relay,  to provide reliable parameters, the modified method is more flexible and convenient.And it can be offline modification (the equipment in stop model or in manual model), it also can be modified online (the equipment in normal production ) 

Running Mode of Cabin Control

Manual mode: only when the manual&automatic switch is set to manual model, the system can enter into manual operation model, please operate according to the corresponding function key.

Automatic model: only when the manual&automatic switch is set to automatic model,the system can enter into automatic operation model, press the automatic start button, the system goes into automatic operation status.

Matters Needing Attention of Cabin Control System

In the process of automatic run, if the upper and lower slag discharge valves are not within the prescribed period of time off in place or does not reach the designated position, the alarm system will automatically alarm.If the manual&automatic switch is set to manual model, the audible and visual alarm will automatically stop, the system returns to the initial state.

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