Toilet Paper Machine Details

# TYPE: Tissue Paper Making Line TIME: 2017-11-22


The way of paper making is similar. But the production of tissue paper and toilet paper is quite different from that of other papers. The production speed of toilet paper is higher than any other paper.

Difference of Toilet Paper Machine And Other Paper Machine

  1. Compared to other paper machine, the  remarkable feature of toilet paper making machine is that the forming part, press part and drying section is pretty compact, so th e toilet paper machine occupies little space.

  2. The width of toilet paper machine is also narrower than that of the modern paper machine that produces advanced printing paper and kraft liner board. The width of the modern paper machine that produces advanced printing paper may exceed 11m. However, the width of large toilet paper machine is only 6~7.5m.

  3. The capacity lost of the toilet paper machine on the width, which is compensated by increasing the speed.

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